Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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ALL COACHES who plan to sit on the bench MUST have a valid NCAA Approval number in order to coach at this event. 

For information on the NCAA Approval process for coaches CLICK HERE

To apply for an NCAA Approval Number CLICK HERE

NCAA Summer Team Registration:  All teams participating at an NCAA-certified event must register online prior to reporting to participate in the event.  Coaches are expected to keep their online rosters updated.  The same address and telephone number cannot be utilized for multiple athletes.  In addition, it is NOT an acceptable practice for prospects' coaches to substitute their own demographic information for that of a prospective student-athlete.  Failure to register or submit all required information will result in the team being denied participation in all NCAA certified events.  

To register your team for NCAA-certified events - CLICK HERE

For directions on managing your team for NCAA certified events - CLICK HERE

For directions on how to register your team for NCAA certified events - CLICK HERE

For other help and questions - CLICK HERE

Be sure to check off the 2016 G.M.I (George McClellan Invitational) on your list of Team Events so that we have access to your roster. This information will appear in our college coaches books at the tournament, so please keep your roster updated.

NOTE: Adjoining State Rule (men's teams only): All men's prospective student athletes participating in an NCAA-certified team event must reside in: (1) the same state as their team's official address; or (2) an adjoining state, provided that no more than three team member(s) reside in adjoining states. This rule applies to US as well as foreign teams.